We are a local tour operator based in Moshi, coordinating and leading mountain climbing expeditions, safaris and tours, and a variety of flexible volunteer programs for individuals, groups and international organisations.
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Journey with KLM Safaris

Tanzania is our home and we understand the nature and beauty of its balance which brings life. Our expert travel guides understand every single detail about the adventure and promises to give you the best experience you never forget. From the Heights of Mount Kilimanjaro to the plains of Serengeti even over to the beautiful white sands of the Indian ocean in Zanzibar, we can provide the experience you long for.

Most Popular Kilimanjaro Routes

Choosing the best route to climb Kilimanjaro is one of the most important aspects when planning your expedition.

Wildlife Safaris

Game viewing by car is the main tour activity at KLM Safaris
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Kilimanjaro Full Moon Dates Schedule 2024

We have Kilimanjaro Join Group Schedule Dates every month for our clients to join and enjoy more fun with their travel buddies and share ideas on climbing Kilimanjaro. Benefits of a small group trekking on Mount Kilimanjaro are many as compared to climbing alone.

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Welcome to our blog which gives us a unique opportunity to share news, updates on tour travel content articles.

Most Popular Safaris

These are top popular safari destinations for spotting the Big 5
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This luxury safari will enable you to visit…
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