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Kilimanjaro 7 Days Machame Route

Kilimanjaro 7 Days Machame Route

$2400 per person

Kilimanjaro 7 days Machame route is highly recommended for high altitude acclimatization.The route is very scenic, providing hikers with incredible views and varying landscapes. Though the climbing can be done in six days/five nights for experienced climbers, the summit success rate is significantly higher when taking the 7-day option as it will allow you sufficient time to acclimate to the altitude. The route’s length is approximately 62 km/ 37 miles from start to finish (Machame Gate to Mweka Gate). According to statistics from Kilimanjaro National Park, approximately 50% of trekkers use the Machame Route to ascend Kilimanjaro. It is designed for physically fit people with some hiking experience, though plenty of first-time trekkers have taken Machame Route and done just fine.

7 Days
16++ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Moshi Town to Machame Gate
  • Departure Time
    Please be ready by 8:15 AM for a prompt departure at 9:00 AM.
  • Return Time
    Approximately 1:00 PM on the final day.
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat, cold weather jacket, gloves, pants, spare clothing.
  • Included
    Kilimanjaro 7 Days Machame Route
    Airport transfers
    Transfers to and from the national parks
    Tents (camping safaris & trekking)
    Mattress (camping safaris & trekking)
    Crew salaries (safari & trekking)
    Camping facilities (camping safaris & trekking)
    Hotel accommodations
    Emergency oxygen (trekking)
    All taxes
    National Park entry fees
    Personal guide
    All meals while on tour (safari & trekking)
  • Not Included
    Bottled water (safari)
    Game drives in a custom built 4×4 safari Land Cruiser (safari)
    Tips (safaris & trekking)
    Personal expenses
    Meals not listed
    Personal trekking equipment & climbing gear
    Travel insurance
Day 1: Arrival in Tanzania and transfer to the hotel
Upon arrival in Tanzania via Kilimanjaro International airport (JRO), you will be picked up by a KLM Safaris staff member and transferred to Moshi town where you will spend your first night at Keys Hotel/Parkview Hotel/Panama Resort Garden. Those who arrive through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Kenya will be transferred to Moshi by Riverside Shuttle Bus or private shuttle.
Day 2: Transfer to Machame Gate
Transfer from your hotel to Machame Gate (1,640 meters or 5,380 ft) and climb to Machame Camp/Machame hut (2,850 meters or 9,350 ft) Hiking hours: 5-6 hours. Distance: 11 km or 7 miles. Zone: Rainforest After breakfast at your hotel our driver will pick you up and take you to Kilimanjaro National Park's Machame Gate (approximately 1 hour drive). Upon arrival, our experienced and loyal porters will organise all the baggage and other equipment for the climb, while you and your guides register with Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA). After all registration and other formalities are complete, you will start your trek through the dense mountain forest. There is a strong possibility of rain in the forest which means that the trail in this zone may become muddy and slippery. Proper hiking shoes and rainwear are a must! In this area you should also be on the lookout for wildlife such as Colobus monkeys and many species of birds. You will stop for a picnic lunch at the halfway point before continuing on to Machame Camp where you will arrive in the late afternoon or early evening. The porters and cook who move up the mountain very fast, will setup your tents at the camp, boil your drinking water and prepare snacks for your arrival. You may get your first closer look at the glaciated dome of Kibo if the weather is clear and the clouds have dissipated. Your hot dinner will be served after some rest and washing up time at the camp.
Day 3: Climbing from Machame Camp to Shira Camp 2
Climbing from Machame Camp to Shira Camp 2 (3,810 meters or 12,500 feet) Hiking hours: 5-6 hours. Distance: 5 km or 3 miles. Zone: Low Alpine Zone After breakfast, a short hiking day will begin. You will be leaving the rain forest and entering a heathland/moorland area where you will be climbing up a steep ridge to reach a small semi-circular cliff known as picnic rock. There are excellent views of Kibo and the jagged rim of Shira plateau from here, and its also a good spot for a rest. Later, you will continue on your journey across many streams, as well as a rocky ridge onto Shira plateau that will then lead to Shira Camp where you will stop for the night. Our porters will have already set up your tents prior to your arrival at the camp and they will have prepared drinking and washing water for you. You will enjoy some evening snacks as well as a hot dinner prepared by your experienced mountain cook. Be prepared for a cold night as temperatures can drop below freezing at the camp, altough temperatures depend highly on seasonality.  
Day 4: Climbing from Shira Camp 2 Via Lava Tower
Climbing from Shira Camp 2 Via Lava Tower (4,630 m 15, 190 ft) to Barranco Camp (3,976 meters or 13,044 feet) Hiking hours: 8- 9 hours. Distance: 10 km or 6 miles. Zone: Low alpine zone to high alpine zone. After breakfast, you will start a gentle ascent with panoramic views, leaving the moorland plateau behind you and entering into a semi-desert and rocky landscape. After 5 hours of walking eastward, you will come face to face with the lava tower. Here you will have a chance to rest and eat your lunch. Hikers will have the option of climbing the massive lava tower if they wish and if the weather allows for that. When climbers arrive at this point, it is normal to experience some altitude sickness including headaches and shortness of breath, although it is not systematic. Symptoms will vary from person to person. Those choosing not to climb the lava tower will descend after lunch to the Great Barranco Valley, sheltered by towering cliffs and with extensive views of the plains far below. This trekking day is mainly to allow for acclimatization. Drinking and washing water will be made  available upon your arrival at the camp and your hot dinner will be served after sunset.
Day 5: Climbing from Barranco Camp to Karanga Valley Camp
Climbing from Barranco Camp to Karanga Valley Camp (3,995 meters or 13,106 feet) Hiking hours: 4- 5 hours. Distance: 4 km or 2 miles. Zone: High alpine zone After your night at Great Barranco Camp and a hearty breakfast, you will begin your climb up the eastern wall of the gorge while admiring the spectacular view of Kilimanjaro’s ice fields and frost-covered landscape. You will then climb up the magnificent Barranco wall, also known as the breakfast wall, after which you will continue along a calm trail until you reach the Karanga Valley Camp. Here you will settle in and mentally prepare for the next stretch of your journey. A hot dinner will be served after sunset.  
Day 6: Climbing from Karanga Valley Camp to Barafu Camp
Climbing from Karanga Valley Camp to Barafu Camp (4.673 meters to 15,331 feet) Hiking hours: 4 hours. Distance: 4 km or 2 miles. Zone: High alpine zone After breakfast, you will embark on your last day full day on the Kilimanjaro Machame Route before reaching the summit. You will cross some splendid volcanic lands, with Kibo volcano (highest of the Kilimanjaro volcanoes) and its remaining glaciers as the backdrop. Your tents will be exposed to freezing winds and the campsite is set among many rocks. It will therefore be very important for you to familiarize yourself with the campsite before dark. Your guide will brief you on how to prepare for your summit night. Also, make sure you settle down to rest and sleep by 7:00 PM so as to feel fit and well for your nighttime ascension. Your dinner will be served earlier than usual on this important day.
Day 7: Climbing to Uhuru Peak
Climbing to Uhuru Peak (5,895 meters or 19,341feet) and descend to Mweka Camp (10,000ft) Hiking hours: 4-6 hours.Distance 12 km or 7 Miles. Zone: Glacial zone and the all preceding zones. Your guide will wake you up at around 11:30 PM for tea and biscuits before you begin your summit attempt. The route heads northwest and you will ascend over stone scree. During the ascent, many hikers feel that this is the most mentally and physically challenging part of the climb. After about 6 hours, you will reach Stella Point (5685m), located on the crater rim. After enjoying the magnificent sunrise, you will continue ascending for about 2 hours on a snow-covered trail to Uhuru Peak (5895m). Reaching the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro is a lifetime accomplishment! Once you are there, you will be able to spend a short time on the summit taking photographs and drinking tea before the descent to Barafu Camp begins. The hike down to Barafu Camp takes about 3 hours. Once at the camp, you will rest and enjoy a hot lunch in the sun. After eating, you will continue descending down to Mweka Hut. The Mweka Trail will lead you through the scree and rocks to the moorland and eventually into the rain forest. Mweka Camp is located in the upper rain forest so fog and rain should be expected. Here, you will be served a well-deserved hot dinner and be able to wash and rest after your feat.
Day 8: Descend from Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate
Descent from Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate (1,640 meters or 5,340 feet) Hiking hours: 3 – 4 hours Distance: 10 km or 6 miles Zone: Rainforest Following a well-deserved breakfast, your staff will have a big party full of singing and dancing to celebrate your ascension of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is at this time that you can present your tips to your guide, assistant guides, chef(s) and porters. Following the celebration, you will begin your descent from Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate where TANAPA requires all hikers to sign the register. You will also receive a certificate of completion at this time. Hikers who reached Stella Point (5685m) receive green certificates and hikers who reached Uhuru Peak (5895m) receive gold certificates. Once all the formalities are completed you will be transferred back to your hotel in Moshi.
Day 9: Transfer to Airport
Transfer to airport or continue with a safari or day-trips.
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