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The Best Time to Do Safaris in Tanzania

21 Jun

The Best Time to Do Safaris in Tanzania

The Best Time to Do Safaris in Tanzania

Before traveling  the first question that comes into the minds of many travelers is what is the best time to travel to a certain destination. The same to Tanzania Travelers. Here we have a few tips for you about this question. The best time to go on safari in Tanzania is during the dry season. In Tanzania the day season starts from the late June to September. During this time you can experience the great wildebeest  migration in Serengeti. Many animals will be gathering around remaining water boles  searching for water. Also it is a very good time for tourists to see different bird species in National Parks.

The second dry season is  December to February in which tourists can experience live birth of different species such as wildebeest. It is estimated that 500,000 calves are at Ndutu southern Serengeti. During the dry season there are few mosquitoes because there is little or no rain so less chance to be bitten, thus free from malaria. Additionally, in this season the sky is clear and most days are sunny hence it is easy to spot animals as they concentrate in the waterholes to search water services and along rivers areas. You should note  that   in the morning and midnight it usually gets cold so visitors are recommended to have warm clothing.

Generally, the best time to do Safaris in Tanzania is during the dry season  as the wet season  starts from March to May and ends up to early June. So safaris seem to be difficult and that time where there is no migration and animals are unevenly distributed. Some animals do migrate to less waterlogged areas during wet season hence are difficult to spot.  Thus, if you want to plan your Safari in Tanzania, it is recommended to start from June to September and December to February as you will get the best of safari experience in Africa.



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