We are a local tour operator based in Moshi, coordinating and leading mountain climbing expeditions, safaris and tours, and a variety of flexible volunteer programs for individuals, groups and international organisations.
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Teaching placements


We provide a wide variety of teaching placements in Moshi for nursery, primary and secondary schools. The subjects available for teaching are; English, Maths, computer studies, Music, Geography depending on the Volunteers’ interests. No special training or teaching background skills are needed, a volunteer has to be open minded and prepared to teach in the prevailing situation due to the possibilities of the lack of resources. It would be extremely helpful and exciting if you could undertake fundraising within your own community to provide educational resources for our local Moshi schools.

We expect at the end of the project the volunteer will be knowledgeable of the current school system and the students’ overall performance, aiming to make a real difference in the performance of students, providing them with the skills necessary to successfully complete their education. Volunteers will be eligible for a note of recognition as appreciation for the input provided.

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