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Teaching placements


We provide a wide variety of teaching placements in Moshi for nursery, primary and secondary schools. The subjects available for teaching are; English, Maths, computer studies, Music, Geography depending on the Volunteers’ interests. No special training or teaching background skills are needed, a volunteer has to be open minded and prepared to teach in the prevailing situation due to the possibilities of the lack of resources. It would be extremely helpful and exciting if you could undertake fundraising within your own community to provide educational resources for our local Moshi schools.

We expect at the end of the project the volunteer will be knowledgeable of the current school system and the students’ overall performance, aiming to make a real difference in the performance of students, providing them with the skills necessary to successfully complete their education. Volunteers will be eligible for a note of recognition as appreciation for the input provided.

Available Projects 2022/2023

1.Name of the Project: Kimashuku Children Home- After School Training

Description of the Project

Kimashuku Children home is a well established home build by a charity known as the Vine trust From UK, the home was build after an American organization which is known as Rafiki foundation offers a chance for disadvantage children from over 14 parishes in Hai district . The need for education arises with a challenge of a home. So after construction of two homes with capacity of 50 children, the home is currently residing 32 children going to Rafiki school for about 1 kilometer. The volunteer will be involved from after school activities in the home which has a well established library and study room. In the morning at the home there is a class of pre-primary in which a volunteer can also be involved.

Placement locations: Moshi, Kilimanjaro Tanzania   10 kilometers from Moshi town along  Arusha road.

Level of Education:   Pre-Primary and Primary School Partnering

Partner organization Rafiki Foundation   and ELCT Kimashuku Children Home

Age of students: 5 – 15

Number of Children: 20- 30

Role: Teacher or teaching assistant (English)/geography/ science/ math’s

Extra-curricular roles:  Games and Sports, Art, Drama, and Music

Requirements: No special requirements

Accommodation:  Children Home Guest House/ Host Family

Length of placement:  2-6 weeks

Start dates: Any time,  2021 /2022/2023/2024


2.Name of the Program: Vision Trust Children Center (English Medium School)

Description of the Project:  Vision trust Children center is a private established center located 5 kilometers from the center of Moshi Town. The center was established for the main purpose of helping children from poor and disadvantaged families.  Vision Trust mission is to provide quality teaching in a welcoming and innovative learning environments for disadvantaged children from diverse communities in Moshi.

 Vision Trust Goals are to:

  • Lead in the provision of quality early childhood education
  • Attract, inspire, develop and retain great teachers
  • Build stronger relationships with our communities
  • Improve access of Education for  disadvantaged children
  • Strengthen our partnership with volunteers’
  • Improve the effectiveness of governance, planning and management of the center

Placement locations:  Majengo Moshi Kilimanjaro Tanzania, five Kilometer from Moshi Town.

Level of Education:   Kindergarten, Pre Primary and Early Primary School

Volunteers who have been involved from: Norway, Australia, Canada, U.K, Ireland, and Israel

Age of the children at the center: 3 -10

Number of Children you will handle: 10-20 per class

Role: Teacher or teaching assistant (English)/geography/ science/ math’s

Extra-curricular roles:  Games and Sports, Art, Drama, and Music

Requirements: No special skills /requirements to teach the children

Length of placement:  2-6 weeks

Start dates: Any time

Accommodation:  Twiga Home, Hoff Hostel or Rose Home

Please feel free to contact us for more information about  volunteering opportunities  and costs at info@klmsafaris.com

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