We are a local tour operator based in Moshi, coordinating and leading mountain climbing expeditions, safaris and tours, and a variety of flexible volunteer programs for individuals, groups and international organisations.
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Small Enterprise

Small Enterprise Volunteering

Small Enterprise Volunteering

Due to increased poverty, female discrimination and child labor we have designed small enterprise projects in collaboration with local non-governmental organizations to address these challenges. Most of our projects are located in urban and rural areas of Moshi, and Arusha.

Projects include:

  • Retail shops,
  • Female tailoring groups,
  • Brick making groups,
  • Village community bank groups,
  • Dairy product groups,
  • Horticulture groups,
  • Honey keeping groups,
  • Tourism enterprise

Volunteers will be involved in training these groups on business skills such as marketing, branding, record keeping, sales, accounting and quality product development. Our volunteers will work with local business experts and consultants to visit and conduct training for the earmarked groups. Volunteers will also be involved in monitoring and reporting group activities for the duration of their program. We expect at the end of a program, volunteers will share with locals different business skills but also understand how small enterprises within Africa play a big role in empowering young graduates and non-graduates and women, assisting in poverty eradication. Get in touch with us and we will help plan your placement depending on your interests and skills.

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