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Kilimanjaro Group Joining Treks & Full Moon Dates 2024

Kilimanjaro Group Climbs & Full Moon Dates 2024

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro during full moon dates is a an amazing adventure of its own. Summiting on a cloudless full moon night is  an unforgettable experience. The glaciers glittering in the moonlight is absolutely stunning. For obvious reasons the moonlight will also make the final night climb on your summit night easier in such a way that you wont need much your head lamp.  In actual fact, planning your summit attempt to coincide with the full moon dates mentioned below would enhance your whole trek up to uhuru peak.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information given in any of the above full moon calendar. While every effort is made to achieve accuracy in this moon calendar, users make use of this information strictly at their own risk and are advised to confirm it with their own contacts before traveling

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