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Sports play a significant and influential role in the life of people here in Moshi. A lot of individuals in the community use sport as an opportunity not only to stay physically and mentally fit, but also to prevent engagement in unsocial behaviors such as drugs and alcohol or idleness.

Coaching and tutoring programs are available for any volunteer with an interest in sports and a desire to help improve the skills of the people in the community. Areas of sports we are looking for volunteers to engage in include athletics, football, basketball, and netball. We are also open to the introduction of any new games which will help make the experience more exciting for you and the locals you work with. Apart from coaching a team you can provide tutoring or coaching for locals in a number of areas such as music, drama, teaching English, math and business.

We expect the volunteers to work 3 – 6 hours for 6 days of the week excluding Sunday. And you will be located nearby the project area. The volunteer coach will have an opportunity to teach both adults and the children.

We expect at the end of the program to have a well trained team also well placed plans and strategies to help the team continue to play better and coach the future team. Volunteers are encouraged to come with any coaching materials they have to make their time as impactful and positive as possible. At the end of the project a volunteer will receive a recognition note as an appreciation in their contribution.Please feel free to contact us for more information about  volunteering opportunities  and costs at info@klmsafaris.com

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